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Sep 19


I like my lipstick as red as the blood of angry men and my eyeliner as black as the dark of ages past.


Sep 19


Aug 25
Aug 13




Jimmy Fallon paying tribute to Robin Williams

We, like all of you were shaken up a bit last night when we learned that genius comedian and actor Robin Williams passed away. He was one in a kind. He was one in a million. He was unbelievable. If you don’t know his stand-up then you should YouTube it right now and watch it. He was amazing. He was funny and he was fast. He would weave in and out of characters and get Shakespearean. It was incredible.”

Jimmy then proceeded to do his best Robin impersonation, and concluded his tribute by standing on his desk and playing out a key scene in Dead Poets Society.

Oh captain, my captain, you will be missed.”

Aug 13

quote Kids, You will be shocked how easy it is to lose touch with someone. That’s why when you find someone you wanna keep around, you do something about it.

— Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother (via the-highwaywon)
Aug 10

quote I was 15 years old, laying on my bedroom floor, shaking and trying to shove my heart back into my chest after you told me you didn’t love me anymore and I’m covered in scars and there are still nights when I find myself trying to hold my bones together with bleeding hands and breathing gets hard but fuck, if I can survive you and the way you tore me apart I can survive anything.

— why teenagers think we’re invincible  (via extrasad)
Jun 03


Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

May 22


i hate when ur boob starts falling out of ur bra like excuse me ma’am please return to your assigned seat

Apr 14
Mar 19


I don’t know how to feel! I mean there’s some things about him that are not ideal, but there’s something there, if an outsider can see the spark, why not go ahead. But I can’t let myself be the girl that goes around with all these guys. Ugh, but I like him… I just don’t wanna be like I was before. Ugh, I just don’t know..